Çerez Örnek
What are the application requirements?
Graduates of 4 years of undergraduate education and graduates of Military Academy and Police Academy will be able to apply to the programs.
Undergraduate graduation is a must for applying to the program.
Is ALES or Foreign Language Score Required?
There is no ALES or foreign language score required to apply to our programs.
Which Department Graduates Can Apply?
Every department graduate can apply to our programs.
What are the program fees?
Program fees are published on the website of the institute to which the program is related.
For e-MBA, Economics, Logistics Management, Financial Economics Management and Training Programs and Teaching for non-thesis distance learning graduate programs click Ege University Institute of Social Sciences.
Application Phase of Programs
Application stages vary for each program and detailed descriptions can be obtained by selecting the relevant section from the Distance Learning Programs tab in the main menu of the site.
What are the application qualifications?
Please contact the institute or faculty of the program you are applying for.
For the e-MBA, Logistics Management, Economics and Finance Economics e-master programs, please contact with the Institute of Social Sciences or the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and the Department of Educational Sciences for the e-master program.
Distance Education How to Evaluate Success for Entrance to Non-Thesis Masters Programs?
Please contact the institute to which the program you will apply for success evaluation.
Ege University Institute of Social Sciences for e-MBA, Economics, Logistics Management, Financial Economics and Management and Non-thesis distance learning master programs in Education Programs and Teaching.

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