Çerez Örnek
 Aim of The Center 
The aims of our center are as follows:
  1. To carry out the plan, program, coordination and implementation activities for distance education within the scope of all education programs including associate degree, bachelor's degree and master's degree, based on communication and information technology,
  2. To increase productivity by spreading higher education to new student masses and to spread information to all audiences,
  3. To ensure the integration of education with the opportunities of educational technologies,
  4. To ensure cooperation within the university, between universities and with national and international institutions and organizations,
  5. Supporting the distance education needs and wishes of institutions and organizations, developing e-learning based courses and programs in associate degree, undergraduate, graduate and adult education, and supporting the courses offered at the University through e-learning,
  6. To carry out studies on research, development and organization of distance education for all academic and administrative units within the university,
  7. To contribute to the development of distance education systems by adapting educational programs to e-learning environments of public and private sector institutions,
  8. To take measures to ensure that all kinds of administrative, technical and academic activities related to distance education in the university are carried out without interruption,
  9. Ensuring that the education-management system software in which distance education is conducted works smoothly and performing its management, updating the distance education system according to developing technologies,
  10. To develop and implement internet based teaching materials for courses, seminars or courses to be realized as distance education application,
  11. To develop solutions for the establishment of distance education systems in different units or other universities or to provide such services by using the infrastructure of the University, to provide products and consultancy services, to transfer knowledge to relevant institutions and organizations, to cooperate with local and foreign organizations in distance education related research and applications. to make periodicals or non-periodicals.

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